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boulder days in der pfalz

A5 on the blocs
boulder days in der pfalz

showing up as well:

  • Damaris Knorr
    German sports climbing champion
  • Thomas Leleu
    Mr. Strongfinger from France
  • Loic Fossard
    Loic well known even in Pfalz
  • Yann Corby
    kennt man sowieso

Find directions to Bärenbrunnerhof and info about accomodation on our palatinum.info Event Page.

A5 on the blocs

New Tour at Classic-Rock Trifels

  • Andi Ziegler finally completed his "Traubennuss" 9- at Trifels. The tour, curved with Slopers, starts direktly to the left of "Linke Westwand" 7-. Friends 0 and 3 are highly recommended!
    3 stars!

Dreamtime chippt

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ricroc pictures

Klettern Magazin reported:
"On the internet the message has been circulating for some time when we met Bernd Zangerl in Swiss Averstal. He was ice climbing, not bouldering, but the issue remained the top talk:

    After e.g. the Brite Malcom Smith repeated Dreamtime recently and suggested to downgrade the boulder to fb.8b+, Fred and Bernd had another look at Dreamtime. They realized that some grips of this new high -end classiv had been enlarged with brute force. Some other boulders were modified as well. In one of them, an obviously artificial grip had appeared.
    In one of the next issues of klettern the two will give an in-depth statement about this scandal. For the tim ebeing we can only ask people not to damage further boulders."

You can meet Bernd Zangerl at the Pfalz boulder days next weekend.

Independent Days Film Festival
palatinum - der film was accepted!

  • palatinum is the very first sports video which made it into the well known Karlsruhe Independent Days film festival for low-budget and no-budged films.
    palatinum.info director of photography Kai Richelsen spoke with festival organizer Michael "Nagi" Nagenborg about the event, taking place on March 25 - 30, 2004

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